Portfolio – Visual History

Our River, (selection) group exhibition, 2022

At the Edge, ( selection) solo exhibition, 2021

Point Roadknight : paintings by Elaine d’Esterre & Deborah Elliott (selection), group exhibition, 2020

Space and Place: Elaine d’Esterre & Nicky Perkin (selection), group exhibition, 2017

 Littoral, (selection), solo exhibition, 2016

More at: http://https://au.pinterest.com/elainedesterre/oil-painting-lake-mungo/

Landforms (selection), solo exhibition, 2015

More at: https://au.pinterest.com/elainedesterre/collagraph-lake-mungo/

More at: https://au.pinterest.com/elainedesterre/mixed-media-point-roadknight-changes2