I am a full-time Australian artist who lives on the Surf Coast in Victoria.

I have always lived in a world, a visual culture of images, signs, symbols and ideas. People that I have encountered in the past and present are passionate about Art, ideas, styles and techniques. If I had to choose one thing we all share in common it is the way we examine and explore a topic, pushing it in many directions in different media and digging deeper into what it is that we can reveal about ourselves, society and humanity.

I want an awareness to free myself from worn out thought patterns changed by recent discoveries in science, archaeology, geology and the humanities especially by creating images of freedom for women and also for a deeper understanding of our environment.

In my compositions I synthesise many influences both ancient and modern iconography  – (ancient Crete and the Baroque with Expressionism and Surrealism).

I like to imagine a connection between creativity and the forces of nature made visible at significant geological locations. View http://au.pinterest.com/elainedesterre/

And social media at http://www.facebook.com/elaine.desterre/  and http://instagram.com/desterreart/