Elaine d'Esterre

Feminist Visual Artist – Paintings, Mixed Media and Etchings


Lake Mungo


The small mixed media landscape on gessoed board changed into a double portrait. In vertical format I saw faces ‘hiding’ in rugged terrain that triggered memories of that trip to Mungo National Park and a huge dust storm where we were almost swept up wrapped and enveloped in our tents and blown like tumble weed across the deserted camping ground. We scurried back to Mildura to get our second wind to continue our activities of

drawing, researching and poetry.

Dust Borne 2, 2015, mixed media and oil, 48x25 cm

Dust Borne 2, 2015, mixed media and oil, 48×25 cm

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Etchings about Lake Mungo

The images are about Lake Mungo, its environment and how I reacted to it. Once again I continue the experiments with metallic leaf, this time silver leaf combined with intaglio and collage.

The Sounds of Mungo refer to the comparative silence of this flat dry lake surface and large lunette – shaped dune. The ear is almost eye – like as it ‘sees’ into the landscape and the blinded eye ceases to register outer observation as an inner sense of the place or mental image prevails.

The mention of “red soil” in the titles about trajectories refer to how the colour of the dunes opposite the red hills became an earthy pink colour. Blown from the west across the dry lake, the red earth deposited on the dune seeps down as it rains producing a washed out pink colour which at sunset creates a stunningly beautiful glow.

Other artworks started from the same plate but developed into a variable edition.

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