Elaine d'Esterre

Feminist Visual Artist – Paintings, Mixed Media and Etchings

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LANDforms Exhibition Preparation

Lately my printmaking has stopped and paintings for my exhibition in October are demanding attention. The last one that is not quite finished is about how dunes form in Mungo National Park in NSW. Sand, an earthy pink colour ‘painted’ by red hills to the west from which fine dust blown across the dry lakebed, is sculpted into pyramid shapes by rain falling that seeps with the red dust into the porous surface. My painting titled Red Earth Trajectory at Mungo, 2015 is about imagining the process.



While it dries the edge of other large canvasses needed touching up.

The artworks drying are 3 mixed media canvasses about Katherine Gorge in Nitmiluk National Park, NT and aspects of its geomorphology.

Revisit old sketchbook, artwork from Kakadu and Nitmiluk

I revisited my Kakadu influenced artwork when a recent TV programme investigated park ranger’s work at Kakadu and Nitmiluk National Parks during the wet season that made possible safe passage for dry season visitors.

My previous series of works involved archaeological sites and Museums in Crete so the word “archaeology ” was fresh in my mind and also suggested by a fellow painter as part of the series title which is An Archaeology of Landscape. The reason was that I metaphorically connected the forces of nature and those of the archaeologist and miner. Both pare back layers of overburden although time’s span obviously vary to reveal essential structures or objects; the earth’s structures like ancient ruins and relics like specific types of rock.

As a dry season visitor and member of a painting group my immediate sketches were produced on site in gorges, beside billabongs and outliers. Frottage technique of rubbing pencil over a surface covered with paper as well earth staining paper from wet rice or handmade paper was another way to bring back to my studio impressions from this place.