Elaine d'Esterre

Feminist Visual Artist – Paintings, Mixed Media and Etchings

Images of Change at Point Roadknight


Close up of a pivotal point on Point Roadknight looking toward the ocean.

At this marker on the saddle of Point Roadknight which is about half way along its spiny ridge I noticed changes.

Last year I observed traces of where high tide markers remained after the tide receded, seaweed pitched up by the tide reached the top of the saddle where small circular shapes in the sand remained as traces of small eddies of water.

The image above shows a large and distinct seaweed ‘necklace’ that washed over the saddle and around the vertical rock form from the ocean side into the bay area.

The images below however reveal distinct channels of erosion visible around this pinnacle as I stood with my back to the ocean looking toward the bay, showing in the last image from this series, the view of the ‘necklace’ and the bay.

Within the series of images below are depicted the reverse where I am facing the ocean with my back toward Point Roadknight bay.

The presence of a heavy log as a pointer could bear testament to the force of the waves as they breached the saddle.