Elaine d'Esterre

Feminist Visual Artist – Paintings, Mixed Media and Etchings

Oil Painting Commission continued

Oil Painting Commission continued into the final stages.

Oil Painting Commission continued into the final stages.

Final Stages

In these last layers I  gradually intensified the colour however at present it is too colourful. I poured several wet in wet colours together hoping they would suggest reflection. Missing is the sense of shallow water although the illusion of varying depth is working. I want the paint fresher and crisper as well as mark making which is too furry in places.  This will come about when I reintroduce grey tones that allow the colour breathing space. Line created with an oil painting stick may definite a statement directly.

The composition also needs another look.  The  vertical triptych format can be made stronger and will flatten the surface as it reads from right to left rather than constructed as though viewed through a perspective window. Each section in the triptych format has its own story about erosion and change witnessed by rock disintegration in stages over time.

Untitled 1, companion to the commissioned oil painting.

Untitled 1, companion to the commissioned oil painting.

Untitled 1, a companion piece to the above painting nears its final stages too as I poured layers onto colour as a way to intensify it although I preferred the previous stage where there was an immediacy and freshness. However once again grey tones will allow colour and line which are elements of the composition to be a focus. This artwork termed a mixed media is less painterly than the above and more graphic so that the introduced frottage is visible and not obscured by paint layering.

Author: elainedesterre

I have been producing oil paintings, mixed media, prints (etching), digital prints and drawings for many years travelling to the Australian outback and overseas for inspiration and further education. My formal education consists of a PhD in painting and a BA in printmaking and my artwork is represented in public and private collections. My purpose and ongoing challenge is to create a gender-balanced and environment-focused iconography within the Western canon of European oil painting. These themes find expression within imagery about time, memory and identity as well as in geomorphology of evolutionary and environmental significance.

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