Teepee Firing at Muddy’s She-Shed

A teepee firing was conducted beside, newly renovated and yet to be opened more formally, Muddy’s She-Shed. Muddy’s She-Shed at 5 River Reserve Road, Anglesea, Victoria was ‘on the map’ and the exhibits in situ were

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held in conjunction with the Surf Coast Arts Trail. Paintings, poetry, prints, ceramics, sculpture and drawings were viewed by a steady stream of visitors.

I had not witnessed a teepee firing of ceramics before so I was amazed to see the process that consisted of making a kiln from wood palings covered with shiny paper (kaolin ) and slip which stuck the paper to the palings. Ceramics placed inside the structure rested on wire and sawdust accompanied by seaweed and minerals that when fired added earthy colours to the objects ( pots and sculptures) for this second firing. The time taken from ignition to teepee collapse and cooling of contents was several hours, three to four from ignition and a few hours for cooling.