‘Painting’ with Paper


Snowfields 2, 2016, viscosity print and hand made paper, 50x35cm


Snowfield 1, 2016, viscosity print and hand made papers, 50×35 cm



I began with a stiff cardboard plate onto which I made rock-like texture with modelling paste mixed with glad wrap. I wasn’t happy with the viscosity prints that were far too gluggy. Time passed then I got an urge to tear then into the pieces. In collage mode I rearranged the various pieces that partly held together.

I added differently textured hand made papers of varying thickness which I torn into shapes that became a balanced composition.  A deeply coloured and  heavily textured foreground was toned down by an application of a semi transparent sheet of hand made paper in Snowfield 2.  Part of the structure from the viscosity print remained in Snowfields 1 and distant mountains tied in with layers of collage building the foreground. The last image titled Littoral and is totally abstracted through juxtaposition of ghost printed textural papers of varying thickness and randomly torn shapes.