Self-Portrait as Allegory of Painting (revisited)


Behind the Mask, 2014

Behind the Mask, 2014-16img_5696

Behind the Mask, 2014-16, oil on gesso and intaglio, 36×24 cm


Lost Mirror Image, 2014, mixed media 35×25 cm


Lost Mirror Image, 2014-16, mixed media, 35×25 cm

I returned to a small group of self-portraits that were out of sight for two years. The self-portrait image began as an intaglio print which I retained in these compositions. I gessoed the printmaking paper and then applied oil paint as a medium in which to complete the imagery that was about the self-portrait function as an allegory of the painting process. hence images of lights, mirrors, spectacles and imagery that alluded to the presence of absence of light.

I try to create the process of looking because as we turn away from the mirror image  (reverse) the artist ‘carries’ its memory to the brain which then has to be rearranged into something before hand and brush or which ever implement is used, moves. We don’t see ourselves as others see us.


8 thoughts on “Self-Portrait as Allegory of Painting (revisited)

  1. I love these! Beautiful artworks. and I love the thinking processes that are evident behind the images. Things emerge, evolve. spring forth from one thought and idea to another…. I enjoy seeing this. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. I shared this on my Printmaking board with your name, your website link info, as I find your work quite stunning and want others to see your beautiful art too. If, you want if off my Print board pinterest…. just tell me & I will. But, your work is awesome. and more people, need to see!! 🙂

    1. That very considerate. Really like Pinterest – so much engaging artwork. I must go and look at your boards too as I love your use of colour. You capture the Indian Ocean and littoral so convincingly.

      1. thank you Elaine! I like Pinterest, if its used properly. like visiting a museum…. not stealing from it! LOL thats why i checked with you, and said I’d take it off if you wanted. I did put your name/website info on the pin. People are silly these days… music and video piracy mean nothing, neither does ART piracy. it does to me! 🙂

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