Stages of ‘At the Edge of the Pink Lakes’, 2019.

Early Stages of this mixed media image based on an area of northern Victoria, Australia where dried surface of salt lake shimmer across the landscape.

I was trying to represent the experience and feelings that may effect a person as they internalise the visual impact as it becomes a visceral bodily experience.

Middle Stages look a bit over worked as I wanted a more portrait – like depiction but the changed my mind.

The background didn’t quite work – did I want the image and background to be separate or integrate into the landscape and become the landscape?

Final Stages

Lost the plot with colour because I sanded back this desert colour and overpainted it with yellow. Once dry, I went back to another version of original palette, kept a small amount of yellow and melded the shape of the face with an oval lake – shape, then applied a light pink not too pretty but then overpainted this with same base with burnt umber to mage the pink earthy in appearance.